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Idea and Goal

The idea of COVID-19 CONVERSATIONS follows the experience of #COVIDCalls organized by Scott Knowles of Drexel University and then the COVID-19 Conversations organized by PLANRED with experts from different countries.  To date, sessions have been held with Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The main objective of COVID CONVERSACIONES is to learn about the diverse experiences of this global crisis connecting people from different latitudes in understanding the COVID-19 phenomenon and its urban consequences.

The collaboration between the APA California Northern Section and PLANRED allows us to broaden the spectrum of professionals and experts in the urban environment, reflecting on impacts and public policy decisions in the current context.


The speakers answer a series of triggering questions from the interviewer.  In the meantime, Zoom meeting participants ask their questions through chat.  Video, audio, and chat are recorded as part of this collective reflection and learning process.


APA and PLANRED invited the speakers and all who are interested in participating in this open and transforming experience.

During the Video Conference

The hosts welcome and introduce guests/speakers briefly, and then mention the rules to the participants.

Speakers present their experience based on triggering questions with freedom of focus, emphasis and add depth during their alloted time.

Participants make their comments and questions through chat.  Comments can be open to everyone or private between participants and the hosts.  The hosts select the questions for the speakers.

Time permitting, some chat participants may also be able to speak.

The official session is recorded and then shared in audio and video format through the mailing list and at



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